We patch, caulk, analyze, solve drainage problems and seal surfaces to help control ground, rain and surface water. This helps prevent damages from leaks and avoids unnecessary repairs to your building structure and property. Proper waterproofing and moisture control solutions often involve a combination of materials  (like rubberized Elastomeric coatings*), vapor barriers, dehumidifiers and sump pumps with additional services (like improving drainage or ventilation)  that act together to provide a long term and durable solution to water infiltration and moisture problems.

*Elastomeric coatings offer superior weatherproofing for gravel aggregate, concrete, concrete block and brick. It effectively seals pinholes, surface irregularities and small cracks that allows leaking. Since the coating expands and contracts with changes in temperature it is not subject to cracking. Will totally eliminate water absorption or penetration.

The finish is attractive and offers both beauty and protection. It is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and effective at filling and bridging small cracks and imperfections.

Elastomeric coatings tend to be more expensive than paint but they can save lots of money over time when dealing with problem areas where their use is indicated. ABR only uses premium products like those by Henry®

Example of Elastomeric Waterproofing:

raw surface before waterproofing subject to leaks and infiltration of water
same surface prepared and coated with Elastomeric paint now protected against water infiltration