Elevator Upgrade

   Diamond Plate Wainscot

    Elevator Upgrade
   Floor to Ceiling Diamond Plating

Entryways, walls, and/or elevator entrances are damaged by bumps from heavy traffic of carts and dollies in the hallways. We can reinforce and protect these areas to prevent further damage with Aluminum Diamond Plating, up to any height.

Worn out entryways and corners can also be protected with durable diamond plating and aluminum corner guards.

The entire floor can be protected and reinforced with diamond plating when the damage is extensive.

Elevator Upgrades

Elevator cab options:

  • Carpet all walls of the elevator cab from floor to ceiling with flame spread resistant carpet; or
  • Install aluminum diamond plating in all walls, up to the first 4 feet of height, carpet to ceiling; or
  • Install aluminum diamond plating from floor to ceiling, 3 walls, not including control panel wall.

Other upgrades include:

  • Cover the floor with aluminum diamond plate.
  • Paint elevator cab.
  • Paint elevator floor with 2 part epoxy.
  • Paint elevator ceiling.
  • Paint elevator doors, including bondo work and graffiti removal.
  • Install Safety Cover over light.

For the elevator lobby:

  • 42" or 48" aluminum diamond plate for elevator entrance, creating a wainscot to protect walls from carts and dollies.
  • Diamond plating along bottom of walls.
  • Aluminum corner guards.
  • Replace or install Exit signs, No Smoking signs, Emergency lights, Fire extinguishers.
  • Revamp elevator lobbies with a graphics package.