Vinyl and linoleum resemble each other and it can be easy to confuse the two, in fact many people use the terms interchangeably. Actually, while both are sanitary and easy to maintain their characteristics are quite different.

Vinyl is made from synthetic fibers. The main body is made of cardboard or vinyl that is covered with one sheet that contains the motif, another sheet for the finish followed by a protective coat of varying thickness. It works best in medium to low traffic areas, according to the quality and thickness of the outermost coat.

Linoleum was invented in the 1860’s and is a 100% natural product. It contains linseed oil, cork powder, natural resins, color mineral pigments and other natural materials. It is biodegradable, antiallergenic and antibacterial. In linoleum, the oxidation of the linseed oil causes it to harden. Thus, over the years linoleum acquires a resistance to practically everything including abrasion and burns. It is very suited for high traffic areas.


    Services We Offer

    • Installation of Both Products
    • All Specialty Installations
    • Removal of Old Flooring
    • Floor Preparation
    • Sub Flooring as Needed
    • Installation of Cove Base
    • Removal and Replacement of Toilets and Sinks
    • Installation of FRP Panels in Bathrooms
    • Moving of Appliances as Needed