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Flat-Free Golf Cart Tires

Don't worry anymore about getting flats, carrying pumps, tubes or tools for your golf cart tires!

Environmental Concerns

These new formula polyurethane foam tires are superior to rubber for many applications.  They have low rolling resistance (which means less effort to make them roll) and they are UV and ozone resistant resulting in long work life.

The environmental drawbacks of conventional rubber tires has been well documented;  toxic and carcinogenic chemicals leech out in landfills as they are exposed to ozone, abrasion, heat and other factors. They are highly flammable under these conditions.

The composition of our tires is such that they resist the tendency to break down, leach or burn, they are environmentally friendly and recyclable.  Finished polyurethane is devoid of carcinogens (in fact baby pacifiers are made of polyurethane).




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