Stucco is one of the most durable sidings available. It is made of a cementaceous mixture that is usually applied directly to masonry or concrete walls or over a metal lath, a wiry substructure that is secured over construction paper and attached to frame construction, masonry, or concrete. Stucco is applied in multiple coats and a pigment can be added to the final layer to reach the desired color. It can also be painted when dry.

Stucco is rot, rust, and fire resistant and can be finished in a wide range of textures to adorn any architectural style. Even in severe climates, you'll find older stucco houses still in mint condition. The wide range of finishes and accents available makes stucco a versatile  and popular wall covering.

ABR repairs damaged stucco, matching the existing texture. We can paint existing stucco or apply new textured coatings to almost any surface.